Acention – Highway Heist

2018 iOS & Android Game

What is Highway Heist?

Highway Heist is a video game made with Unity and featured on the Acention mobile app for iOS and Anroid devices, where users compete for real money. It is a multiplayer endless-runner-style game where players take control of a getaway vehicle and attempt to outrun the police and collect as many coins as possible along the way.

What did I do?

I served as the sole game artist on the project, collaborating with the team leads to develop a unique art direction from the ground up. During this process, I produced a high quantity of concept art and UI mock-ups, rapidly reiterating based on team feedback. With a short development schedule, the project relied heavily on 3D models purchased from Unity’s asset store. My tasks involved re-texturing those models as well as creating all of the game’s extra models, particle effects, lighting and UI design from scratch. I also designed the game’s app icon.

What did I learn?

This was the first video game I had ever worked on to be released to the public, having been played by thousands of players upon release. It was also my first professional project. In addition to significantly expanding and enhancing my skill set, I learned a lot about teamwork, responsibility, and professionalism over the course of development.